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Don't Screen Us Out

Give children with Down's syndrome the best start to life you can but supporting this cause.

The latest figures tell us that 90% of babies who are prenatally diagnosed with Down’s syndrome are aborted. If then, as National Institute for Health and Research RAPID evaluation study  projects, 102 more children with Down’s syndrome would be detected due to the implementation of second-line cfDNA screening (NIPT – non-invasive prenatal testing), 92 of these babies would be aborted. Based on the most recent figures for Down’s Syndrome births, this is projected to result in a decline of 13% reported live births of babies with Down’s syndrome. As opposed to the 25 miscarriages the RAPID study predicts would be prevented by the implementation of cfDNA.


These consequences would have a profound long-term effect on the population of the Down’s syndrome community, and enable a kind of informal eugenics in which certain kinds of disabled people are effectively ‘screened out’ of the population before they are even born.


As a business based in Burnley, this charity is close to my heart and I've seen it make a huge difference to the place I live in.

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