20 Self-Care Tips

We've been in lockdown for quite a while now and we're not really sure what the future holds for our country. I thought I'd share a few self-care tips and ideas to keep yourself busy without burning out.

1. Take a Bath: let yourself relax

2. Read: Find something that has been pushed to the back of the shelf for a while

3. Paint your nails: even if no-one else is going to see it

4. Tidy: Don't take on an enormous task, just one drawer, or cupboard

5. Purge your wardrobe: Perhaps you want to move forward in your style

6. Cut the grass

7. Have a cup of tea outside: even if you're just on the doorstep

8. Walk: Use that daily exercise allowance well!

9: Listen to a new artist: expand your musical horizons

10: Plan: think about things you enjoy, plan them into your life

11: Bake

12: Draw

13: Nature walk: One perhaps to do with the kids, make a list of things to find on your walk

14: Draw on your window: make lists or draw with whiteboard pens

15: Reflect: What is one thing you want to make the most of when lockdown is lifted?

16: Catch up: Call a friend and have a proper catch up

17: Pen Pal: Write a letter to encourage someone, use our postcards if you want:

18: Find a new hobby: What's that one thing you've always wanted to do

19: Start a new Pinterest Board: Maybe with decorating ideas

20: Pray: I couldn't leave this one of the list. Thank God for the blessings you have in this situation right now.

Got some more ideas? Comment them below!

Know someone who needs some self-care prompting? Share this with them.

God Bless x

Me enjoying my self-care brew

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