Advent 2 - Prayer for Peace

We continue in our countdown to Christmas following the advent themes and this week it's all about peace. "Peace on Earth to all men" is the message from the Angels, so this week join us in praying for peace this season after such a chaotic year.

Lord God, you are the Prince of Peace and the one who can put the true understanding of peace in our hearts. As your children we are safe in your arms and can rest knowing that our state in salvation will never change.

Father this year has been difficult for so many, a time of uncertainty and unrest, please Lord grant peace to all those who are worrying and unsure of where their food or money will come from. Lord show us how we can be your peace to our communities and neighbours, make us your peacemakers in the world.

We are sorry for the times we are not bringers of peace but instead bring disruption, change our hearts and make us yours. Draw me near to you and into your peace, may I find peace in your presence and word this week, bring your desires to my heart.

We pray the peace of your Kingdom come in our communities today.

In Jesus name


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