Advent 4: Worship

Loving God - as we approach the day of Christ's birth help us to throw wide the doors of our hearts in preparation. Help us to sense the importance of what happened so long ago when Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel, to remember the words of the angels and the prophets and the teachers of old, and to celebrate all the promises that you made through them.

We pray too, O God for the children of our world, all those who have no home to call their home, all those who are hungry and thirsty. We pray Lord that you would provide for them this season and we ask that we would be the answer to that prayer, open our hearts to give generously.

We pray for families. Lord Jesus you came into the world and lived in a human family, so you know the ups and downs of normal family life. We pray for our own families and especially children as they grow up, that they might learn how to face the difficulties and celebrate the joys of everyday life. We remember those families this year who are caught in financial difficulties, those who face unemployment and hardship. may they have the constant comfort of the knowledge of your love and care for them. We also remember those families where lives have been shattered by the family being broken up, whether by desertion, cruelty or death. Heal the deep wounds that have been made and give them such a sense of your fatherly love that they may be able to form new and loving relationships..


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