Bible Studies help us understand God's Kingdom Plan

It seems obvious to say this, but it really matters, let me explain.

What are they?

Read the bible with study notes helps to guide you through the bible. Sometimes it can be confusing, we can be unsure of the point and second guess yourself about whether you are right in your conclusion. I recommend reading in 30 day chunks as it keeps things fresh, you can consume larger chunks of the bible. I have written the subscription box bible studies in this format because I think it is the best way to read and understand God's Kingdom values and be confident in your bible reading.

Why does it work?

Reading the bible systematically is so important, because we're not picking and choosing what we're reading, we're trusting that in reading whole books of the bible at a time, God will speak to us. This also means that we read passages in context, we see what God is saying to us, not what we choose to put on the text.

How can I know God's Kingdom through this?

By grasping the larger picture of the bible and applying that to regular bible readings, we see things from God's perspective and understand His plan for the world. By understanding God's creation and God's design we can begin to live out and understand His values for His Kingdom.

Where can I find out about God's Kingdom?

The first place to look is at Jesus teaching, then, go back to the Old Testament and read God's law. Understand what God plans for us and strive to meet His standard by the Spirit living out God's values.

How do I draw out God's Kingdom values?

This is the point where I encourage you to try my subscription boxes. I've written the studies with the aim of understanding God and His Kingdom, guiding you to be confident in reading God's word and growing your relationship with Him.

I hope this helps you understand the benefits of reading God's word systematically, any questions, tips or advice let us know and we'll share it on Social Media!

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