Church with a mask

As we begin to return to Church under new restrictions, how can we encourage one and other and show we are engaging with what our leaders are saying?

I noticed when we returned to church a few weeks ago, looking around you can only see people's eyes and it can be really tough to read how people are feeling and responding to what is said. So I thought I'd share a few ideas about how we can engage and encourage our brothers and sisters.

Nodding along to what the speaker is saying, whether it's the leader, preacher or just a brother or sister's conversation is an easy win to show your engagement.

Be confident to speak a bit louder. Masks are muffling our speech but it shouldn't stop us being family so speak up and be brave, you're not shouting!

Mmm and yes along to the preachers sermon, eye contact and nodding are so important and really encouraging when you're preaching! Don't forget our ministers have been preaching to computer screens, phones on ironing boards and all sorts of contraptions for months. Encourage them that they have not lost their touch and that life is out there!

The elbow bump. Big at the start of lockdown for greeting and meeting but is still useful to show respect to people and as a close second to a hug!

Make an extra effort to have a conversation with someone here on their own. For some this has been the loneliest time imaginable and seeing others face to face is a real blessing. Take that one step further and ask how they are and encourage them to keep going, pray for them if you can.

Exaggerate all your actions. When our key part of communication is covered, we rely on everything else to step up and show how we're feeling, ensure that your eyes and body language are showing how you're feeling in conversations!

I hope you've found this helpful, share more hints and tips for masks in church on our instagram and facebook, keep going friends, there is an end in sight.

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