Devoting myself to God's Kingdom

Continuing on the theme of God's Kingdom I wanted to look at devoting ourselves to God's Kingdom. Last weeks blog looked at how the early church devoted themselves to God's teaching, fellowship, eating together and prayer, now I'd like to look at how we can live this devoted life to see God's Kingdom come.

I write this at a time where the world seems turned on it's head and we are having to relearn how to live for God. I don't know about you, but for me and my husband it has been a time of rest, re-thinking and being intentional about what we pick up again as we were forced to put everything down. We can most certainly use this time to discern the things that are good to do, and the things that are Godly to do.

De-Clutter your diary.

This post is going to be practical because I'd like to challenge you to sit down with your diary or plans, partner, family or whoever you do life with, and list things that are good to do, and things that are Godly to do.

Take everything in your diary (regular occurrences) and put them into three list; good things, God things and other. The other pile is functional events, undefined items etc.

Things that are Godly to do: great list, now test these with some questions to see if they really are Godly things, and how helpful they are.

- Why is this a Godly thing?

- What is the reason I do this?

- Who does this glorify?

- How does this allow me to share God's Kingdom?

- Does this align with God's ways?

- Is this a burden or a joy for me?

Thinking about your answers, it's now up to you to decide where they fall, re-write them into new columns and follow your gut.

If it fits those things and your gut says it's Godly to do, keep them in there, they are your priority.

Now lets go back to the things that are good to do; how do they align with the questions above? Are they life-giving things that build you or others up? Are they essential? If the answers are yes, then keep them, if they're "no", then perhaps think if they are something to let go of to make room for God to put His priorities in.

There should be a collection of things that are left; perhaps, they were things you just did because you always have, maybe they things you financially or relationally must do. Pray about them, and ask God to give you discernment about how to plan your diary for His purposes. It is up to you whether you put them in again, or leave them out.

Now, I don't know how you structure your diary or your day, but here's a few things to consider adding to your diary:

- Your quiet times/ prayer time

- Bible reading and prayer with friends/family

- Intentionally having a slot set aside each week/fortnight to share your table with others

- Rest time, a time set aside for being empty and listening to God

- Intentional family time (movie nights, walks, fake-away making night)

This exercise is something that it worth doing perhaps as an annual spring clean, be prayerful about your diary, because it can be easily filled with lots of seemingly great things that distract from God or burn you out. I hope you find the exercise helpful and God shows you His plans.

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