It's Harvest Time!

When someone stands up at church (or online) and says, "it's harvest!" what do you think of?

Bringing up tins or food for the food bank? Singing we plough the fields and scatter? Pumpkins? School Assemblies? Falling leaves?

Lots of things spring to mind, but perhaps not Matthew 9, we looked at it in church this week and the Lord of the Harvest, "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, ask the Lord of the Harvest therefore to send out workers into His field."

The first thing to note is that this passage is about the harvesting of souls for God's kingdom, we plant the seeds in sharing the gospel and build relationships with people before finally harvesting when that seed has grown into faith.

Secondly, we overthink this process because we believe it is our work and our harvest, but this is not true, the Lord of the Harvest is God, it is for His kingdom and it is His work. Take that pressure off yourself and remember that we speak God's truth, but He opens the eyes and ears of the unbeliever.

I was particularly struck by Jesus prayer and response, in the last verse of Matthew 9 Jesus says ask the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers and then in the very next breath of Matthew 10v1 Jesus calls His disciples to Him and sends them out to do the very thing He just prayed about.

When you pray, do you look for the answer in yourself and those around you? Or are you waiting for just the right moment and at just the right time? Jesus sets a fantastic standard and a very high bar for prayer and action, so re-think how you pray;

When you're praying, do you look straight away to yourself or those around for the answer?

Are you praying expectantly for an answer from God?

Do you take the action God prompts you to?

Don't put it off, go out into the harvest field and start with your next door neighbour, work colleague, friend, commuter pal, whoever it may be, share Jesus goodness with them today.

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