Lockdown 3, What do I do?

I don't know about you but last night was hard to hear for me. It feels like we were about to make a huge leap forward from Covid19 but then we hear that things are worse than 10 months ago. But, praise God! We have a vaccine!

Whilst we wait for it to be rolled out, what do we do? Lockdown one was hard, but at least it was summery, now there's snow and coldness around. It's more important than ever to look after yourself and ensure that your mental and physical health is tip top.

Let's not fall into the "new-year-new-me" this year, instead, let us focus on drawing close to Jesus and building our relationship with Him.

  1. Word First

  2. Healthy Routines

  3. Mental Health

Word First: Cast your worries on Jesus each morning before you even get out of bed, if we can get in the habit of talking to Jesus first, hopefully things fall in line and we build a firm foundation. Ensure you're reading God's word as a priority in your day, can't run a car without fuel in the tank.

Healthy Routines: Build your day around healthy things to do, don't stuff your day overstretching yourself, but do a few things well. Begin with small things like making yourself a cup of tea, or opening the windows to let in the fresh air, then begin to put in the things that have to achieved that day, then something you enjoy.

Mental Health: Keep this in good shape, whatever that looks like for you. There are plenty of examples in the bible of characters who struggled with their mental health, if you're unsure of how to talk to God about it, start with the Psalms.

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