Planning and Preparation

Seasons are changing, the cold is creeping in and the festive season is almost upon us. Christmas is going to look strange this year, but it can still be the largest evangelistic opportunity that we have.

Whilst in Rawtenstall a few weeks ago we bumped into a couple from church and got talking about how they have been doing evangelism in the every day. They've been arranging for coffee ninja to come to their street every few weeks (they are a coffee van) and telling their neighbours, that the van is coming. They have been using the chance to get to know their neighbours and build a bit of community, this is something that we can continue to do ourselves.

Maybe over the festive period you put on some mulled punch and some festive tunes, and catch up with the people on your street.

Perhaps you organise some carol singing, a Christmas craft pack for your neighbours and their kids.

Find any excuse to get to know people and make conversation, evangelism begins with community, and community begins with you. Don't stop sharing Jesus just because we can't meet as the gathered church and put on large events, do your own community building with those around you.

Perhaps create a group message with some church mates to begin to throw some ideas around.

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