Practicing Rest

You probably noticed that there was no email sent out last week and this one is later than usual; don't worry, I've not stopped writing them or given up on things. I've been practicing rest.

It may sound strange and like something that we all do naturally but actually, I'm not very good at resting, and I'm sure many others of us aren't either. The definition of the word rest is to: "cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep or recover strength."

Sleeping I do, I'm sure you do to, it's a functional requirement that shows us we are limited beings, but how do you relax or recover strength? This is what I've been trying to tackle.

Often when we "stop" and "rest" all we do is shift our attention to something we're not paid for like cleaning, cooking, meeting friends and entertaining. None of these are bad things, but are they helping you relax or recover strength? If they are, you go for it, you're nailing life, but if you're anything like me, recovering strength and relaxing are things that fall by the wayside.

In Genesis 1 God shows us that it is good practice to rest, on the seventh day, He rested. God stepped back from His work and rested. How do you step back from your work to relax and recover strength?

For me, a long weekend in the lakes meandering and kayaking with a good book (not all at the same time) was really helpful after writing and packing up this months subscription boxes, I needed a little brain break! Here's a few things you may find useful;

- Reading

- Writing

- Gardening

- Walking

- Meeting Friends

- Listening to music

- Running

- The Gym

- Netflix

- Baking/Cooking

- Decorating

The list is endless, why not think about what helps you to rest and recover strength? I've listed a few criteria that you may find helpful.

- It helps you to switch off (mentally and/or physically)

- It brings refreshment

- It makes you smile

- It brings you peace

- It makes you thankful

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