Prayer on the Kitchen Door

Sometimes we can find it really hard to pray or even just manage to focus on what to pray for. One of the things I like to do that helps me is use a whiteboard pen and write things on the window of my kitchen door. I find then when I'm pottering around, cooking, letting the dog out, doing ANOTHER fridge raid or grabbing a cuppa, I get a little prompt to pray!

If you don't have a window on your kitchen door, you may find post it notes on the fridge help (whiteboard pens stain, found that out the hard way!) writing on your actual window (again, check it's whiteboard pens!) or on your daily to do list pop a few names to pray for on.

Whatever you use to help you pray, just make sure it helps you enjoy and deepen your relationship with your heavenly Father. Keep it simple, keep it with God.

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