My heart rejoices in the Lord!

I started reading 1 Samuel the same day I started this new website and what a delight God gave to me.

Reading through Hannah's Prayer to God in a real humbling joy. She says "My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high."

The horn here symbolises strength, and she is declaring that her strength comes from the Lord Almighty. The creator of heaven and earth.

In taking this business seriously and deciding to pour a good chunk of money into it, I also had to trust that it would be by God that I am given the strength to do this. Recently due to my mental health I've not been strong, but I have been selfish, I've trusted in myself for strength, I've turned from God's offer of help until he brought me to my knees, crying and asking for Him to lift me again.

Hannah had been childless for a long time, but God gave her a son after ongoing pray and petition. She honoured God by giving that baby to Him, letting Samuel serve God all His life and glorify the Lord in all he did.

This time, I pray that I will learn to trust Him for my strength, I pray that I wont become selfish again but accept the help God offers through my friend's and family. I pray that God gives me the humility Hannah had to say that in God she is made strong. I also pray that God uses this website and my gifts to glorify Him, to serve His kingdom.

I challenge you to trust in God for your strength, especially in these strange and isolating times. Trust in God so your strength may be lifted high. Praise Him for His gifts and rest in his arms. Glorify Him in all you do.

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