What is "Going Deeper" with God?

In a lot of church circles, I hear the phrase "going deeper with God" but it never seems to come with an explanation. Sometimes people look for it in sung worship, some in "listening" to God but there are countless other ways people do it.

So let's have a look at ways you can grow your walk with Jesus and get to the bottom of this!

What does it mean? Well if we desire to "go deeper" with God, surely that a relational thing. If we want to deepen a relationship with someone we need to spend time with them understanding their likes and dislikes, their priorities and sharing life with them.

Why should I "go deeper" with God? He is the creator who made you, who loves you and sent His son as a sacrifice to fix this relationship with Him.

How do I "go deeper"?

  1. First and foremost it's a relationship that requires conversation so talk to God in prayer. Make that conversation an ongoing one throughout the day, long prayers, short prayers, thankful, asking for forgiveness a whole mix. Talk to God about everything.

  2. Secondly we need to hear God speak. God has given us His word, the bible, giving us all the tools to get to know Him better. Make reading your bible a priority in developing your relationship with God. (Next week's blog will have some bible handling tools in it)

  3. Listen to other wise people in your life. My mother in law is a great woman of God so when she's talking about her prayer life, the bible or a Christian approach to the world I really listen and take note. (There are also many other wise christian's in my life including my parents too!)

  4. Give space. You cannot expect to grow a relationship overnight. Give space in your life to see the relationship grow. A wise friend once told me that the bible is not like food, where the less you eat the hungrier you are. It's the opposite, the more of the bible you take in, the more you pray, the more time you will want to spend with God.

The final thing to think about is, who else would find this helpful? Part of the mission for Treasured Truth Co is to get good biblical content out there for women and men of God. Please share this with someone who would appreciate it and who it would help in their walk with Jesus.

God Bless

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