Three Elements of Prayer





Start here and spend time with God in adoration of who He is and what He has done. Beginning with adoration is good for a few reasons; a, it is how Jesus teaches us to pray using the Lord's prayer and b, it puts everything else into perspective, we remind ourselves of which God we are worshipping and the power He has in our day to day lives. It keeps us humble and grateful for the blessings we have whilst also giving us the courage to pray bigger prayers because we understand how amazing God is.

Here's some themes to get you started:

  • Names for God: In the bible names are full of meaning, they tell us about the person and what they are known for. God's names are no different, they emphasise the deepest part of His identity so to give thanks for His names you are worshipping Him firstly, for who He is, not for what He does. Using His names and understanding what they reveal about Him help us to develop a more intimate relationship with God. 

  • Characteristics of God: By recalling the different characteristics of God, it demonstrates how we should reflect these characteristics by coming back to the one who does so perfectly. For example, by exploring God's demonstration of love we can see where we fall short and makes us thankful that He is perfect and complete.

  • Promise He's made: Focussing on God's promises shapes what we are praying for and the motivations of our prayers and we begin to pray His will be done and not our own. In this way we align our desires closer to God's and celebrate the promises He fulfilled whilst continuing to pray for those yet to come.

  • Prayers He's answered for you: Don't forget to reflect and be thankful for answered prayer, whether God has said yes, no or not yet all prayer is answered and we mustn't take this privilege for granted. If you're struggling you can always give thanks for your salvation and security in Christ.  






Jesus teaches us in the Lord's prayer to say "Lord forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us"

Forgive me: Jesus has paid the debt of our sin, but we mustn't take this for granted. As Christian's we still sin whilst trying to run the race for Jesus, so we still fall short and fail to glorify God in our actions. Take time to acknowledge your sin and for when God hasn't been the motivation for what you do ensure you say sorry for these. Thank God for His grace shown to us in Jesus.


Help me to forgive others: we are told to forgive those who sin against us ask for God's grace to do this.






This is the time to present your requests before God, Jesus tells to us pray "give us our daily bread" so present all your needs and desires before Him.

As we adore God our desires will align with His as we conform to the image of His Son, keep praying for God to work in you and your life, to see people reached with gospel and for your spiritual health.

Pray for others here also.